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"Being a leader in the development of Multidisciplinary engineering, logistics management and integral services seducingt our customers and  those of other competitors with the highest standard of quality, based on delivering reliable solutions and innovating with the best proposal market value. "


"Providing our customers with solutions for the development of multi-disciplinary engineering, mining and processes engineering, inspection and technical supervision, project management, logistics and supply, effectively increasing productivity, profitability and job happiness of our customers, Through the application of global best practices and techniques with the philosophy of planetary engineering, in balanced with humanbeings and the planet. "


Metaproject values ​​are based on: Passion for work above all; Constant innovation, to be the best; Honesty, seriousness and respect, as generators of confidence in business relationships; Ingenuity to finding innovative solutions; Courage to face and demanded permanent changes in the dynamics of globalization.



"Efficiently increase productivity and Costumers Net Present Value  by implementing innovative techniques and methodologies, that improves competition and gets profitability in equilibrium with human beings  and environment, within a philosophie of happy work place"



 "Work Passion; Continuos Innovation and learning, understanding that is the way to be the best of all;  Seriousness and Respect, as confidence generators in business relationships; Inventiveness to find innovative solutions;  Courage to face  and  demand permanent changes in the dynamics of globalization"