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at APRIMIN Breakfast May 2108

Ivan Arriagada, executive president of the AMSA Group (Antofagasta Minerals S.A.) presented the current situation of the mining group, during a meeting with the most important mining suppliers in Chile grouped in APRIMIN.

In the opportunity first emphasized the achievements in security to take 2 years without fatal accidents, satisfied, but without lowering the guard, since as expressed - "One is good as the last shift". A good part of these results has to do with working together with suppliers, the executive acknowledged.

The group had a good year 2017 with a production to about 700 thousand tons of copper and have an expected increase of 3%, waiting for a period with better grades, concentrating on the work of improving productivity and costs.

In environmental and energy issues, the group has been a pioneer in the use of seawater. At present, 45% of the group-s consumption comes from the sea, with Centinela with 88% and Antucoya with 100%. In terms of energy, the group-s impulse to Non-Conventional Renewable Energies, particularly solar and wind energy, stood out, with consumption of 21% coming from this matrix.

Ivan Arriagada also highlighted the creation of a Technical Training Center in Los Vilos, forth region. Working together with the Universidad Católica del Norte, under the aegis of the Community Relations Program, “Somos Choapa” (We are Choapa), where careers are given to both the mining and services sectors, finally the executive emphasized the challenges of industry such as security, productivity and people development and relationships with communities, as the basis of group and industry sustainability strategy.

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