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Metaproject´s 20th Anniversary Annual Evening - Mining Spirit

On december 21st 2012

Executives, authorities and mining colleagues, company employee and embassy representatives joined Metaproject during its Annual Dinner called "Espíritu de la Minería (Mining Spirit)", held in Santiago de Chile on december 21st, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Metaproject - Ingeniería e Innovación. 

Manuel Viera, CEO Metaproject, received Counselors for Commercial Affairs from finnish, northamerican, polish and russian embassies in Chile, as well as directors from ENAMI (Mining National Company), IIMCh (Chilean Mining Engineers Institute) and Ministry Of Economy. Also attended first class executives from Codelco, Transelec and Collahuasi, among others, and CEOS from private mining and energy companies.  

One of these executives, Mr. Andrzej Zablocki, Senior Manager from Atlas Copco, took the chance during the event to give Metaproject a commemorative plaque for its 20 years in the business. Also, Hugo Herrera and Claudio Canut de Bon, General Manager and Development Manager from Teck - Carmen de Andacollo, sent their greetings to Manuel Viera in a video whicn can be watched below. 

By clicking on each link below, you will get access to image galleries from this very special occasion.  


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