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Analisys And Risk Management     


Identification of Risks and Dangers (DELPHI / ZOOP / HAZOP).

Standards of Management ISO Procedure 31.000.

Valuation of the Risk.

Strategic agenda for Riskmanagement.

Emergency Plan.

Risk Audit Performance.

Credit Risk Analysis .

Analysis of vulnerability and weakness:

Security and Risk of the Physical Goods and persons.

Security and Risk of the Productive Processes.
Security and Risk of the Systems of Communication and  Automation.

Security and Risks to the Company Image.

Fulfillment of international procedure:

Audit and Ev
aluation Norm NFPA, OHSAS, EPA.

Process redesign Counterfoil of Dangerousness Reliability.

Reliability and safety of the productive system:

Control of Losses.

Analysis RAMS (Maintenance  Centered in the Reliability, Maintainability, Availability and Security).
Rate of Fault, Symptomatology and Human  Reliability.


Global perspective, Look Ahead, Opened Communication, Integrated Management, Continuous Process, Shared Vision of the product and organization, with Teamwork are the basic principles of  Riskmanagement.