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Environmental & Water

Chile has more than five hundred environmental liabilities, such as tailings and abandoned mine sites and are still as spectators without realizing that it affects our Country Image.

Metaproject believes in a sustainable development model that minimizes the effects of pollution and natural resource degradation and its effect on ecosystems and communities.

Experince / Projects

  Basic Engineering
  Research Laboratory Decontamination Project API inversional Chemo
  CODELCO Teniente.
  Support Service
  Management Support Directorate Environmental Sustainability
  CODELCO Norte.
  Technical Repot
  Review and Adjustment Drinking Water System
  CODELCO Andina.
  Support Service
  Engineering Services and Water Treatment System of Wastewater House 3612 Platform Change
  CODELCO Andina.
  Project Evaluation
  Economic Evaluation of Projects at the prefeasibility level - Alternative tire recycling business in mining
  Codelco Norte.
  Conceptual Engineering
  Wastewater Recovery KM 6
  CODELCO Norte.
  Conceptual Engineering
  Oil Waste Management Area Chemical Plant Leaching
  CODELCO El Salvador.
  Environmental Engineering
  Implementation Plan complement to PMI / MSI Salar de las Indias
  CODELCO Chuquicamata