Metaproject, receives award for work-life balance and co-responsibility, recognition given by APRIMIN (Association of Industrial Mining Suppliers), during the APRIMIN 2020 Annual Forum event

Sergio Hernández, Executive Director of APRIMIN, highlighted regarding the decision to award this award to those “… companies that have established better procedures and also number of cases contracted or subcontracted, directly for their operations and that consider the concept of diversity of gender, disability and also responsibility in terms of giving possibilities not only to the worker and their spouses to share work and housework, in favor of the family.

Kathleen Viera, Metaproject’s finance and administration manager, received the award on behalf of the company and its collaborators, expressing that “It is a great recognition to all of our teams. It has been hard work throughout all this time, for to be able to carry it out. We are very excited, especially to receive it in these difficult times in relation to the pandemic “

Kathleen highlighted in her thanks, the great human capital that we have, together with which we will continue to improve day by day to build a great company.