Coronavirus nudes the country


“The mind is like water, when it is calm and peaceful, it can reflect beauty in the world. When it is agitated, it can have paradise in front of it and it does not reflect it”. David Fishman

Incredible that such a small virus invisible to the human eye in size 50 to 200 nanometer that lives in bats and snakes managed to cross the threshold of humans, having the world and the great powers paralyzed.

It has already done it in China, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Iran with the strict closure of borders and even a curfew, he exposed the vulnerability and fragility of our species, without contingency plans to handle pandemics, demonstrating that there is no small enemy .

A globalized and immensely interconnected world, the coronavirus has put in check and exposed the vulnerabilities of the world’s most powerful economies.

Latin America is the region of the world that has enormous mineral wealth, it has two of its major economies in check from the outbreak, Chile and Peru, both representing more than 40% of the world’s copper supply

 According to Goldman Sachs, the economy of China, Chile’s main trading partner, will register a 9% drop in the first quarter compared to the previous year. What is not good news for our country, both in what affects the mining sector and other productive areas of the country

In addition, it has been reported that the new forecast of real GDP growth for the Asian country for 2020 is 3%, below the previous 5.5%, which adds to the possibility that the pandemic will not be controlled worldwide. It could mean that China’s recovery is limited.

The aforementioned also affects the fall in economic activity and employment, which was already depressed due to the social outbreak that began in October last year; to an increase of the dollar beyond known figures and the fall in the price of copper, which today, according to Cochilco, was quoted at US $ 2,361 per pound, that is, US $ 5,205.00 per ton.

The national industry and especially the mining sector have taken adequate control measures to prevent the spread of the virus through teleworking and remote work, which was already the first sector to do so. Unfortunately, our continent is waiting for the pandemic cases to increase, so appropriate measures must be taken as soon as possible, since we still have time.

It is necessary and urgent to apply measures in the short term to recover the national productive system, postpone the tax increase as it is a contractive policy and goes against creating jobs, giving financial facilities to SMEs so as not to suffocate them, urgently recovering the productive fabric in all areas of the economy, and finally live in peace.

Before the words of the Minister of Finance, who specified that “we are going to have a powerful impact, but transitory, but it is going to be powerful, it is not going to be without effect”, this that is happening is going to hit us and in that we must be Realistically, this has been reflected, among others, in the price of copper.

A drop in the value of the red metal of 10% would impact a drop in GDP of 1.2%, in addition, having a small and open economy, and being an asset exporter of raw materials especially, copper to China, the conditions of Chile makes it particularly vulnerable to the impact of the coronavirus.

Companies must choose to apply a talent attraction and retention strategy, and which is in addition to high demand for talented professionals at any hierarchical level, consists of applying flexible working hours and home office as part of working conditions. at home), some days of the week, and a motivation plan, with which the expansion of the coronavirus can be mitigated.

We insist that Chile must as an obligation Industrialize its natural wealth as a State policy so as not to be so vulnerable to the uncertainties of the markets and avoid the Chinese dependency that can lead us to a dead end.

“The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.” Maimonides