Metaproject, started the Inspection Service corresponding to the Occupational Health and Safety Inspection for the facilities and projects of the Storage and Oil Pipelines Directorate (DAO).

Metaproject makes available its extensive experience in Technical Inspection, both in the mining and petrochemical sectors, in matters of support and advice on the ground to the supervision lines in matters of leadership for safety, compliance with ENAP’s RpV operating standards, management and audits of contracting companies and delivery of support tools in the incident and accident investigation processes, as well as in the preparation and support in the performance of systematic risk analysis, and in the support and reinforcement of topics for talks and specific training in Security issues..

One of the main characteristics of this service and that fills us with pride, is the conformation of its first level work team, made up of 4 women and one man, specialists in risk prevention, with experience in the petrochemical and mining sectors. The selection of the team is part of our institutional gender equality policy, with Metaproject having one of the highest rates, above the average for the mining and petrochemical sectors. The recruitment and selection of our collaborators is based on their technical and personal capabilities in the first place, seeking balance with our gender and inclusion policies, ensuring our clients the formation of teams of operational excellence and human quality.