“The sustainability of mining and industrial projects in general, require a vision of the future with permanent, conscious and balanced engineering and innovation to transport ideas from the imaginary field to the field of realizations, under a planetary and digital transformation conception” – Manuel Viera F. CEO of Metaproject.

The Mining of the Future needs a total and integral metamorphosis, both in people and in the technologies that it must apply in the processes, as well as in the equipment. And all this must be communicated based on a total digital platform.

It is no longer an option to digitally transform mining companies and the industry in general, it is a MUST. That is why at METAPROJECT® we work looking to the near future based on BIM platforms, with LEAN and SCRUM technologies. And not only that, but also all our technical inspections and supervisions are being carried out based on Artificial Intelligence with expanded reality, which helps to substantially improve the efficiency of processes and buildings, with a lower investment budget.

We are in a process of intense internationalization, after almost 30 years of leadership in Chile, with the opening of offices in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and soon in Mexico. Our differentiation is based on technology, for which we go with a value proposition based on designs using artificial intelligence and expanded virtual reality, with which we present ourselves in Latin America to offer our services.

Innovation is our DNA, that is why all METAPROJECT® professionals are aligned with digital transformation. Engineering designs require a futuristic vision, we can no longer make mistakes because projects have become much more demanding, communities have become more demanding, and at METAPROJECT® we are working hard to make successful projects with happy clients.

We are going to conquer not only the cosmos through planetary mining or astronomy, but also underwater mining, in which we are already working as METAPROJECT®, researching and raising awareness.

We cannot think that all the solutions will come from abroad, for this reason we have a research and development department that has a portfolio of more than 14 projects in full development, some internationally distinguished such as the recycling of mining tires with Ozone.