We are proud of this acknowledgment from the ACHS, for the achievement of 5 million H/H without accidents with lost time. We acknowledge each and all Preventionist colleagues, who with their constant effort and instruction, have allowed us to obtain this achievement. And above all, to each of the colleagues, who have applied self-care and constant observation to take care of their colleagues, either at work or in our offices throughout the country.

Angelo Olave and Rolando Leiva from ACHS and our management staff, led by Manuel Viera Flores CEO, Isabel Peñailillo President of the Board of Directors, Dominique Viera VP Operations, Pablo Herrera Information Technology Manager, Victor Arce Engineering Manager, Lorena Penna Lider, were present at the ceremony. of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and, Debora Palma on behalf of our team of preventionists.

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