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The proposals area awarded the service of “Feasibility engineering, preparing the relevance analysis file, and the preparation and processing of the Sernageomin sectoral technical file”, for the extension of the useful life of the Delta Plant thickened tailings deposit. This is a feasibility engineering at a development level that allows generating and “sustaining” sector permits […]


In a ceremony held at the headquarters offices, Metaproject and Manvier, they received the COVID 2021 seal from the Chilean Security Association ACHS for their facilities in Santiago. This seal is in addition to those received by our services in regions. The meeting took place, following the COVID protocols, attended by the executives of the […]

Design of mining projects

We design mining projects with innovative solutions taking advantage of the best world technologies, based on planetary mining, with unrestricted respect for nature and the living beings that live there, with happy communities, with conviction and commitment to nature and social equity and inclusion . Request a demo of our services at


Standardization of the catenary infrastructure in the Laja-Hualqui sector This service began in August 2020, and corresponds to the technical inspection of the Catenary Infrastructure Standardization works in the Laja-Hualqui sector, which considers the supervision of the execution of the works within the established program , the control of budgeted and offered costs, in addition […]

Legal and tax certainty in mining: Changes in the rules of the game?

By: Manuel Viera F. President of the Chilean Mining Chamber and CEO Metaproject There are unequivocal signs that Chile is systematically losing “mining competitiveness”, and with it leadership in the region. The first sign corresponds to the repeated changes in the rules of the game such as tax reforms, labor reforms, increased the tax burden, […]


An auspicious first semester Metaproject began the year 2021, with good auspices, with the with the obtaining of the Technical Archive Service of ENAP Biobío, corresponding to the control of everything that is related with management of blueprints and documents. It was then followed by the Technical Inspection Control services of the Safety Area for […]

Multidisciplinary engineering, services and construction to meet the current challenges of mining

Soon to turn 30 years of existence, we have developed important projects for the main companies at the mining sector in our country, and even with participation in works beyond our borders, in countries such as Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, as well as Europe. True to its innovative spirit, today the company is incorporating Artificial […]

First Inclusive Language Workshop

Metaproject as part of its commitment to gender equality and inclusion in mining, held its first inclusive language workshop, with the collaboration of RIEDMIN, the network of engineers and diverse mining students. Colleagues from our services from north to south of Chile, engineering, technical inspection and supplies participated in the meeting, who signed up from […]

Manuel Viera CEO Metaproject in Mining Match

Presents his talk Valuation of Mining Projects under Risk and Uncertainty in Alan J San Martin’s program, Mining Match Manuel Viera, talks bout the methodology used in Metaproject to evaluate projects and face the risks and uncertainties associated with their development. Access this and other interesting presentations on mining development and technology topics on Metaproject […]