We develop projects under the philosophy of Planetary Mining and Engineering, that is, with unrestricted respect for the environment and the development and culture of the communities related to these projects, encouraging win-win relationships among those involved.

our services in the environmental sector 

Sustainable Development and Environmental care.

Countries require their extractive and productive industries to achieve development, but this development must consider that the environment and subsequent generations are not affected by these productive processes.

Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering

We support the achievement of your projects with our expert in profile, prefeasibility, feasibility and detail stages, with a strong emphasis on safety and environmental protection issues

Environmental impact studies

We advise our clients on the socio-environmental variables that affect the area of influence of their investment project, facilitating strategic decision making that reduces project risks at the time of their environmental evaluation.

Relevance Analysis

We evaluate the potential environmental impacts of your investment project allowing you to define the need for an EIA. And we advise our clients throughout the process to obtain the required environmental permits.

Sectoral permissions management

We work for the development and successful obtaining of the necessary sector permits incorporating analysis of variables and our extensive experience in risk management for the best decision making.

Legal Studies

We have first level professionals to advise our clients on legal and strategic matters, linked to the development and licensing of mining, energy and infrastructure projects.


El Compliance ha pasado a ser un requisito integral dentro de la estrategia y estructura interna de la compañía a fin de dar cumplimiento a la legislación vigente y protegerse ante situaciones de riesgo que podrían poner en serios problemas la estabilidad y continuidad de la actividad operacional de las empresas.

Waste management

We advise our clients to solve their waste problems in a reliable and safe way, applying the best practices, processes and technologies available worldwide.

Environmental Risk Management

We carry out the analysis for the identification of environmental hazards and definition of scenarios, generating the estimates of environmental risk, estimating the probabilities and consequences that allow the pertinent evaluations and the respective management of the environmental risk, for their elimination, reduction, retention and transfer.

Environmental damage impact assessment

We use the most modern technical-administrative procedures that serve to identify, evaluate and describe the environmental impacts that a project will produce in its environment if it is executed, all in order that the competent administration can accept it, reject it or modify it

Administration and management of riles treatment

We develop the engineering studies necessary for the correct treatment of industrial liquid waste resulting from the different types of production processes and that require a decontamination treatment before they reach the sewage networks or surface waters among others.

Forensic Engineer

We have professionals with recognized expertise in the area of engineering and management of operational and financial risks, in order to support their compliances and presentation in civil and environmental courts


We have environmental monitoring systems that allow us to obtain continuous and reliable information for the prevention of risks associated with operations, improving the prevention and adaptability of facilities and equipment.

Waters quality

Water quality modeling in the face of future scenarios, which contemplate population and industrial growth and the effects of climate change.

Tire recycling, plastics, garbage

Our concern for a mining with planetary conception has led us to develop an innovation project for the recycling of normal and mining tires, to which plastics and garbage in general are added.

Due diligence of Environmental projects

We determine and quantify current and / or potential responsibilities, and associated environmental risks through an initial diagnosis or audit.

Environmental Engineering Master Plan

We develop environmental master planning for mining, energy and infrastructure projects, using the latest methodologies and software available in the market

Liability remediation studies

We conduct remediation studies of mining environmental liabilities, using the best available methodologies to perform such remediation and its proper maintenance.