28 years working for the industrialization of Chile

We support the development of new industries that provide technology and innovation to the productive sectors of the country, with our know-how and international contact networks

our services for industry

Sustainable Innovation for the care of the Environment.

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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies for the development of productive and service industries with a strong vision in the area of financial and operational risk management

Management of digital automation, plants, agro industry, manufacturing

We support business automation projects towards a 4.0 industry with the development of collaborative platforms and the use of A.I.

Logistics Chain Optimization

We optimize the different phases and operations within the logistics chain in relation to the levels of service and quality established by the client. We analyze
the most common incidents in the chain and we propose improvements to its procedures according to the best global practices. Purchase activation and reverse logistics.

Operations management

We manage your industrial operations, offering improvements through the best global practices, with professionals of recognized experience and custom developed computer systems.

Digital Transformation 4.0

We support the process of digital transformation of the productive companies of this country towards a 4.0 industry. I.A. and big data

Maintenance and process control

We advise companies in the maintenance of their critical assets and in the exhaustive and intelligent control of their processes and operation in general.

Business models

We develop and optimize business models based on experience and the study of best practices worldwide in the different productive sectors, with emphasis on the sustainability of operations.

Purchase Management

We manage purchases nationally and internationally, spot type and in agreement, for large mining and petrochemical companies. We have expert personnel in bidding, activation and engineering of materials. In addition to reportability systems tailored to each business and client.

Inventory and warehouse management

The optimal management of warehouses and inventories allows to generate greater productivity for companies by achieving greater efficiency in the resources and costs involved, along with the incorporation of new support technologies.

Contract and tender management

We have extensive experience in management and control of contracts and tenders for the mining and petrochemical sector

Process simulation and optimization

Our vast experience in the mining and industrial sector, together with the use of the most modern technologies available in the market, allow us to offer the best simulations that allow us to evaluate new strategies to achieve the optimal production rates of your company.

Organizational design

Development of high performance organizational designs for 4.0 companies in the mining, Oil & Gas, Energy and Infrastructure sectors.

Manufacturing Engineering

We support the research, design and development of systems, processes, machines, tools and equipment, in order to achieve a more economical, efficient and effective production, with Big Data and A.I.

Design and distribution of facilities

Design and redesign of productive and service facilities that allow to reach maximum production, in a sustainable and safe way for staff and surrounding communities

Strategic development plan

We advise companies in the development of their strategic plans with a view to the sustainability of the business and its socio-environmental environment.

Economic evaluation by real options and risk analysis

We have internationally recognized professional experts in Real Options and risk analysis under ISO 31000, for the economic evaluation of your projects.

Project Management

We have led the management of large projects in the mining and industrial sector

Construction administration

Entrust us the administration of your construction projects count on our experience, proven methodologies and computer platforms that allow us to manage construction contracts in quality, cost, terms and safety for workers and the environment.

Forensic engineer

We have professionals of recognized expertise in the area of engineering and management of operational and financial risks, in order to support their compliances and presentation in court.