We work for an efficient infrastructure that supports the sustainable development of the country

We promote the efficient management of infrastructure contracts in the mining, energy and goverment sectors

our services for the infraestructure sector

We promote the development of the country through its infrastructure in a sustainable and energy efficient way.

We put at your disposal our experience and the innovative development of collaborative platforms that sustainably improve the achievement of infrastructure projects.

Conceptual, Basic, Detail Engineering

We have an important and valuable experience in engineering studies in its different stages for the development of road infrastructure, airport, port, state, mining and industry sectors.

Road structures, bridges, viaducts, trenches

We develop engineering, supervise the development and construction of road structures, bridges, tunnels and trenches

Advice and technical inspection of works

We supervise the correct execution of your infrastructure works, we control their execution in quality, term, costs, legal and environmental compliance.

Road Reliability Security

Risk and safety analysis for the prevention of technical and human failures in road design, both at work sites and on roads and roads for public use.

Road Impact Study

We carry out road impact studies to estimate the effect of a project and its operation on the local mobility system and thus be able to mitigate its effects or improve them.

Landscaping study

We manage multifunctional projects of urban and rural green areas, applying environmental standards such as ecological water management and ecological management of native flora.

Sanitary Studies

We manage, plan, analyze, design and support the development and implementation of environmental sanitation solutions for your projects, environment and related communities.

Topographic studies

We have experienced professionals in different tasks throughout the country and with the latest equipment.

Geotechnical studies

We carry out the studies of soil mechanics and numerical modulation and analysis that allow characterizing and modeling the design parameters for the foundations and their typology

Hydraulic Studies

Development of hydraulic, hydrological, hydrogeological and modeling studies for projects in their exploration, exploitation and closure phases.

Undermining Studies

Studies of undermining risk, hydraulic shafts, estimation of undercutting levels, design and protection recommendations

Bridge Studies

Design, diagnosis, technical inspection of bridges and walkways. Rehabilitation and conservation projects

Viaduct Stuies

Prefeasibility, feasibility and detail studies. Counterpart engineering and technical inspection of viaducts

Rail transport project

We develop studies of rail transport and optimal fleet design for mining and associated companies

Hidrogeological Studies

Development of hydrological, hydrogeological and modeling studies for projects in their exploration, exploitation and closure phases.

Treatment Plant

Engineering studies in prefeasibility, feasibility and detail stages of treatment plants. Technical inspection and counterpart engineering

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies for the development of infrastructure in mining, Oil & Gas, energy and infrastructure sectors

Economic evaluation through real options and risk analysis

Extensive experience in the use of one of the most modern and accurate economic evaluation methodologies for your infrastructure projects.

Construction Works Administration

We manage your construction contracts, maximizing your profitability by controlling costs and meeting deadlines and quality through innovative and colaborative computer platforms

PMI / PMO project management

We apply the latest methodologies in PMI / PMO in the management of projects and portfolios of large projects in the sector.