Multidisciplinary engineering, services and construction to meet the current challenges of mining

Soon to turn 30 years of existence, we have developed important projects for the main companies at the mining sector in our country, and even with participation in works beyond our borders, in countries such as Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, as well as Europe. True to its innovative spirit, today the company is incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its engineering designs and services in general.

In terms of innovative development, we highlight our Center for Innovation and Renewable Energies, which aims precisely at generating new solutions for various industries, including mining.

In this regard, the mining tire recycling project stands out, an environmentally sustainable solution that
From the application of ozone -the most powerful oxidizing element that exists on the planet-, and later through thermocatalysis technology, it allows to generate green oil that is destined to develop a process of
turbogeneration capable of producing energy for a 14 to 16 megawatts (MW) plant. In order to implement this innovation, the company is considering the early installation of three plants of this type, in Tierra Amarilla (Atacama Region), Sierra Gorda (Antofagasta Region) and in Moquehua (Peru). Likewise, another innovative project of Metaproject is the application of ozone to mining hydrometallurgy, reducing the leaching cycle by almost 40%, thereby generating greater efficiency and cost reduction at the sites.

In the words of our CEO Manuel Viera Flores – “The most important thing in this company is our people, who are distinguished by having an open and innovative mind. In this sense, Metaproject is a true village of innovation, whose focus is to generate solutions that add value to our clients and, ultimately, contribute to the development of Chile ”.