We provide the best methodologies and reporting systems to the industry.

Metaproject’s experience in the hydrocarbons sector includes engineering studies at all stages, technical inspection services, contract management and facilities administration, Supply and logistics.

our services in the OIL & Gas industry

Sustainability and Innovation for the Petrochemical industry.

We have a reinforced staff of professionals in engineering, technical inspection, contract management, supply and logistics specialists in the Oil & Ga sector

Conceptual, basic and Detail Engineering

We have an important and valuable experience in the petrochemical industry, backed by a staff of specialists with international experience, in refinery, maintenance and supply issues in projects in profile, prefeasibility, feasibility and detail stages.

Reliability Engineering

Reliability engineering is the fundamental pillar of maintenance for continuous operation, for which we have developed and adapted the best global practices and technologies for the proactive and integrated diagnosis of equipment, processes and / or systems, for their operations.

Exploration studies - Oil deposits

We advise companies in the studies of oil exploration, development and production. And in the valuation of reserves and oil resources.

Gasification studies

Gasification studies to improve the energy matrix of mining and industrial production processes

Asset integrity

The integrity of the assets is essential to ensure a safe and sustainable industry, and includes the execution of inspection programs, tests, verification necessary to ensure that the critical equipment of the operation is adequate for the purpose that was designed throughout its life Useful.

Economic valuation of oil wells

We apply the latest methodologies and experiences in the economic recovery of oil wells. We have internationally recognized experience professionals

Operational Riskmanagement

We have more than 20 years of experience in risk management in petrochemical and mining operations. This has allowed us to develop the competences of our professional teams and improve our methodologies for the benefit of the industry and our clients.

PMI / PMO project management

We apply the latest methodologies in PMI / PMO in the management of projects and portfolios of large projects in the Oil & Gas sector.

Works Technical Inspections

We assure our clients the correct fulfillment of the contracts in terms of quality, term, costs and security. We have collaborative computer platforms that allow us to offer online and custom-made reportability for the OnTime On Touch control of your projects.

Plant Construction Management Wells and other Works

We manage your projects efficiently, with special care in terms of costs and above all in terms of safety of people and the environment.

Feasibility studies of carbon projects

Our extensive experience in the mining and energy sector, both in asset valuation and in terms of financial and operational risk management, allow us to prepare the best feasibility studies for the sector