Engineering Counterpart Service to contractor companies that have current contracts with the division. As well as the administration of the Contractors area, Casino Inspection and contractual control of those contracts

  • Works and Services Inspection
  • Technical Support in the study of proposals and Service Management
  • Casino Inspection
  • Support Administration Contratist Area

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Engineering and Services for Petrochemical Company Management

For more than 6 years, ENAP S.A. (NATIONAL OIL CO.) trust our experience for its engineering studies and inspection services and contract management 


01. Inspection and Contract Management Service Biobio Refinery and Contractor yard

Inspection services and service contract management, programming, control and monitoring, in Bío Bío refinery and contractor yard administration, Support in plant shutdowns and scheduled maintenance.

02.Engineering Specialized Services ENAP Biobío

Engineering studies in all its conceptual, basic and detailed stages. Field engineering

03. Project Management support service, ENAP Magallanes
Advice for the improvement of the Project Management processes

Analysis of the current processes, policy, Handbook, guide, etc., related to the management of projects in ENAP to detect opportunities for improvement and will propose the modifications it deems necessary for the continuous improvement of the process assets of the organization.

Project Management Advice to the work teams of each CEOP:
Our professionals were integrated into the work team of each CEOP, to improve and / or generate, with the Project Director and his team, the project management tools they are using and / or incorporate new, in such a way that each project has everything necessary to efficiently address each of the Project Management process groups (Start, planning, execution, monitoring and control, closing).

Project database administration.
Analysis of the current situation of the information repositories of the projects, to detect opportunities for improvement and will propose modifications aimed at ensuring the timely availability of the information of the projects, their traceability and conservation for an adequate management of the knowledge created in the development of ENAP projects.

04. Support service in Plant Stop Planning. ENAP Aconcagua Refinery

Administration of Files and Documents of Plant Stop, Survey and Consolidation of Equipment Listings by Plant. List of Spare Parts for Plant Equipment. Definition of the scope of work in each team. GANTT Card Development

05. Minor purchases Trasversal Service. ENAP S.A.

Integral service for the management of purchases of minor materials, general construction materials, hardware stores, electricity, gas station, fittings, structural wood, reconstituted wood in all its ranges, minor pvc pipes, steels, galvanized iron, residential and industrial paints and others that ENAP Refinerías SA, may require during the term of the Contract.