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Contract Management

Optimization and comprehensive contract management
  • Review and audit of the bidding process
  • Completeness review and scope management
  • Preparation of corporate technical bases: Safety, Quality, Sustainability and Occupational Health
  • Risk management by type of contracts
  • Hiring Planning
  • Forensic Engineering Application
  • Structure analysis and contract design
  • Review and analysis of the contract in operational terms
  • Service value chain analysis
  • Cost analysis, estimated budget
  • Contract structure: lump sum, at unit price or reimbursable expenses
  • Audit of the bidding process
  • Supplier Audit
  • Contract preparation in SAP MM platform
  • Operational monitoring of key indicators
  • Creation of key indicators
  • Review for control and monitoring of KPI
  • Analysis, reportability and recommendation for management
  • Physical and financial progress
  • Strategy in conflict prevention and resolution
  • Claims or Claims Management
  • Closing contract

Metaproject’s experience in contract management allows the profitability of negotiated conditions, maintenance and fulfillment of commitments, verification and follow-up of the terms and review of contracts.


Control and Reportability

We carry out an exhaustive document control during the contract life cycle, we have a powerful system of reportability and contract tracking.

Privacy policies

We have a privacy policy and protocols that guarantee the confidentiality of the documentation managed at each stage of the contract life cycle.