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Financial financial assistance

We are experts in the modern mining economy applying the most modern financial economics methodologies to support the business, through the economy of the common good, circular economy.

  • Certification of resources and reservations under code NI 43101, code JORC. 
  • Economic valuation of mining assets through Valmin code
  • Deposit Evaluation
  • Preparation of mining business models
  • Mining Business Strategies
  • Due Diligence to prospects and mining projects
  • Banking documents and document preparation for the stock market
  • Evaluation of projects under risks and uncertainties, risk analysis and value at risk
  • Evaluation of projects by real options

Valued block models and digital transformation

We rely on the best digital and 3D techniques

The mining business model and the mining plan as a basis for wealth

We apply planetary mining to give dignity to people, dignity to communities and dignity to the planet to give it fair and equitable equity