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technical inspection of works

27 years of solid ITO experience in the mining, energy, infrastructure, oil and gas, civil works, airports, ports, bridges, rail and subway transport sectors.

  • Technical inspection of work
  • Technical audit
  • Forensic engineering
  • Tax inspection advice
  • QA
  • Online digital management report
  • Knowledge Capitalization (DATAROOM)
  • Blockdata and Datamining

More than 4,000,000 HH in technical inspection of works supporting our clients

Principal clients
  • Ministry of Public infraestructure – MOP Construction New Airport “New Pudahuel” Construcción del nuevo Aeropuerto Nuevo Pudahuel”
  • EFE “State Railroad Co.”
  • ENAP- National Petroleum Co. “Aconcagua Refinery”
  • ENAP- National Petroleum Co. “Bio Bio Refinery”
  • ENAP- National Petroleum Co. “Magallanes Refinery”
  • Codelco Chile division “Andina”
  • Codelco Chile division “Chuquicamata”
  • Codelco Chile division “El Teniente”
  • Codelco Chile division “El Salvador”
  • Codelco Chile division “RT”
  • Codelco Chile división “Gabriela Mistral”
  • Codelco Chile división “Ventanas”
  • Codelco Chile división “Ministro Hales”
  • TECK “Quebrada Blanca”
  • Barrick “El Indio” Mining Co.
  • AMSA “Antucoya” Mining Co.
  • AMSA “Los Pelambres” Mining Co.
  • CAP “El Romeral” Mining Co.

Custom solutions

We develop integral solutions according to the requirements of each client, our solutions in inspection issues although independent can be articulated in a complementary way to improve compliance and project management.

Collaborative Platforms

We develop our own collaborative platforms, in direct collaboration with our clients, adapting them to the requirements of each service and to the needs of the client’s control, supervision and reportability.


our clients 

For METAPROJECT®, the relationship with customers is essential in the success of your business. We know that the human value of our clients is a company’s most precious asset. For this reason, we always deliver the best level of service and the best price to our customers. The success of our customers is our success and we want to be there to support them when they need it most.