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Operational Risk Management 

We apply the best global practices in the management and administration of operational risks with specialists in ISO 31000

  • Risk management and its relationship with the business model
  • Master Plan for Comprehensive Risk Management
  • Identification and contextualization of operational risks
  • Qualitative analysis of project risks
  • Quantitative analysis of project risks
  • Risk response planning
  • Control and monitoring of operational risks
  • Training workshops on operational risk
  • Application of risk management under ISO 31000
  • Psychology Methodology
  • Attitude and conduct against risk
  • Risk appetite, risk tolerance, risk threshold
  • Preparation of the risk map
  • Risk assessment
  • Audit of operational risks to projects and organizations
  • DELPHI / HAZOP Interaction Workshops
  • HURWICZ Interaction Workshops
  • Symphony Methodology
  • Compliance plan for mitigation of operational risks
  • SWOT / CAME analysis
  • Preparation of risk management indicators



The trust of our clients allows us to offer world-class studies and services, in matters of Risk Management. Our staff has professionals certified in ISO 31000 and with extensive experience in HAZOP workshops


Analysis and risk management

Our projects all have a financial and operational risk analysis, which facilitates decision making under risk and uncertainty scenarios. We are also specialists in psychoriesgos.

HAZOP and ZOPP workshops

We have a vast experience in HAZOP and ZOP workshops, carrying out more than 100 of them, both for the petrochemical and mining industry.