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Counterpart Engineering

The best practices and methodologies of audit and forensic engineering are applied to define robust and reliable projects before the bidding and construction process

  • Review in detail of engineering designs
  • We apply digital techniques to identify vulnerabilities, errors or omissions
  • We identify structural operations risks that need to be managed and mitigated
  • unrestricted respect for nature and the environment
  • We correct or improve the construction strategy
  • We avoid interference with the production system
  • Forensic management reports with improvements, recommendations and KPI

We have a pool of high performance professionals in their respective fields, in a mix of experience and talent that allows us to successfully meet, in time, costs and quality with the execution of contracted Engineering services.


Professionals with extensive experience and commitment

We select our professionals based on technical excellence, professionalism and integrity, in order to respond to the trust given by customers when requesting our advice in the fulfillment of their projects.

Reportability Applications

We have developed our own applications for the control and supervision of projects, keeping our clients up to date in the development of their projects so that they can make the best decisions.