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Forensic Engineering

“Better safe than sorry”

We are the only company that applies this engineering discipline throughout the virtuous cycle of the development of a project from conceptual engineering to construction and commissioning. It is also applicable in production, production processes and administrative processes.

It consists of thoroughly investigating facts, activities, tasks, behaviors, decisions, related to equipment, systems, processes, to avoid accidents, incidents or abnormal behaviors that could trigger in an unwanted or catastrophic situation.

  • Compliance with current regulations and laws (COMPLIANCE)
  • Root cause analysis
  • Process simulation
  • HURWICZ technique application
  • Problem Tree
  • Forensic Technical Inspection
  • Interview with operators and interest groups related to the problem
  • Analysis and evaluation of safe or unsafe human behaviors
  • Human reliability
  • Process Reliability
  • Equipment and systems reliability
  • Security based on human reliability
  • Psicorisk and Psicoengineering
  • Ishikawa think productive diagram
  • Damage simulation and catastrophic consequences due to failures, irregular designs, bad decisions, defective contracts, poorly defined scope management, among others.
  • Map of inventories of causes, failures, anomalies, errors, nonconformities, among others.
  • Nature Impact Assessment
  • Impact evaluation on physical assets
  • Impact assessment on communities and human beings
  • Impact evaluation of the productive system
  • Impact assessment to image and reputation
  • Forensic master plan for managing findings and nonconformities in accordance with PDE

The purpose of our forensic engineering service is to support companies to locate the cause or causes of failures in order to improve the performance or useful life of a component, as well as support in court proceedings to determine the facts of an accident. .


Specialists at your disposal

We put the experience and knowledge of our network of renowned professionals, nationals and foreigners, engineers, lawyers, psychologists specialists in psychories, environmental experts available to our clients

Modern methodologies

We use the most modern methodologies to clarify the ultimate causes of an accident, incident or anomalous behavior of parts or structures that cause or have caused an unwanted situation or risk.