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Our core business in mining 

We design mining projects with innovative solutions taking advantage of the best global technologies and digital transformation, based on planetary mining, with an unrestricted respect for nature and the living beings that live there, with happy communities, with conviction and commitment to nature and nature. social equity and inclusion.

our main services
  • Mining feasibility studies – metallurgical
  • Geological exploration projects and prospects
  • Design and exploitation of open pit mines
  • Design and exploitation of underground mines
  • Operational, short, medium and long term planning
  • Strategic planning and business models
  • Infrastructure studies and business models
  • Infrastructure and logistics studies
  • Design and advancement of tunnels and underground work
  • Geotechnical engineering – rock mechanics

Planetary mining

We believe in an industry that is the engine of development for countries, which is possible to carry out in a sustainable way, bringing wealth and well-being without harming the environment or mortgaging the future of new generations.

Environmental sustainability

We advise mining projects to be sustainable over time, looking for the best methodologies and technologies available in the market to ensure projects and operations that do not harm the environment and support the development of surrounding communities.