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Personnel Transportation System

The safety and reliability of the personnel transport system is key to keeping the business free of accidents and conflicts.

  • Determination of optimal transport fleet
  • Plan of preventive and predictive maintenance of the transport system
  • Selection and evaluation of professional drivers
  • Shifts and work days system
  • Interference handling
  • Management report and automated KPI

Loading and  transportation Mining system

  • Optimal transport fleet design
  • Personnel transport at work
  • Supervision and control of drivers

Personnel transport management requires a clear vision of the criticality of the business and the management of risks related to the transfer of people


Transportation and security

We conduct studies and strict supervision of compliance with occupational health and safety standards, as well as current transport legislation.

Control support

Our personnel have the computer support and development of specialized applications for the design and supervision of personnel transport systems in and to work, for the control of the services in an efficient way and with the fulfillment of the commitments in terms of term, costs , quality and above all safety.