An auspicious first semester

Metaproject began the year 2021, with good auspices, with the with the obtaining of the Technical Archive Service of ENAP Biobío, corresponding to the control of everything that is related with management of blueprints and documents. It was then followed by the Technical Inspection Control services of the Safety Area for the Construction Companies, in the Construction and Maintenance of the Refinery Pipelines from Maipú in Santiago, until after Concepción. We continue with the Programming and Control service for the Maintenance of Ponds and Plant Shutdown of the Concón Refinery, both services with a strong female presence in their staff.

In the mining sector, we obtained the extension of the Codelco Headquarters Supply Service contract, which since 2017 is managed by Metaproject, achieving an extension for two more years, until 2022. Within the same mining context, a new Activation team entered to Codelco’s material suppliers, also adding an associated service, which is related to the Savings Management Control, due to No Purchases. At Teck Quebrada Blanca, we were awarded the surveying service, specifically for the mine operations area. Regarding our Angloamerican client, the extension until 2022, of the Programming and Control service, mine area was achieved.

According to the words of our services manager Michael Mella – “These results are the expression of the joint effort of each and every member of each area of ​​the organization, who have demonstrated their human and professional quality, maintaining us as a market leader. and, above all, taking care of ourselves, strictly following safety protocols at work and at home, allowing us to maintain operations and generate new business, through an excellent service, such as the one that has characterized Metaproject for almost 30 years ”.