Specialists in the evaluation of transportation of personnel, cargo and materials for large-scale mining and industry.

Design and supervision of the construction of infrastructure works for transport with emphasis on its aspects of mobility, sustainability, location and interaction with the environment, with emphasis on modeling, economics, operations management and mathematical programming.

our services in the transportation industry

Development of sustainable projects, with emphasis on the safety of personnel, environment and communities.

We make available to our clients the extensive experience of our professionals and a network of international contacts that enhance our service offer.

Topological transport network design

We develop the transport designs appropriate to the needs of each client in a continuous process of design, evaluation, refinement and redesign.

Railroad Design

The design of the tracks is the crucial point of every railway network. From the design of the tracks you can establish the power supply and signaling it for a safe and efficient route for the transport of passengers and cargo.

Soil mechanics and geotechnics

We carry out studies of soil mechanics and geotechnics, oriented to characterize and model the ground of structures foundation, to later define design parameters for foundations and their typology.

Design of civil works and architectures

Extensive experience in civil works design and architecture for the mining, energy and general infrastructure industry.

Design of road and rail bridges

We have professionals of recognized track record and latest generation software for the design of road and rail projects

Cargo and people transport simulation

We develop the precise solutions by using simulations to transport cargo, materials and people for mining and industry in general

Reliability and security engineering

We develop analysis and reports of the results of the operation of transport systems and fleets, breakdowns, problems and deviations, collaborating in decision making and optimization of maintenance plans and standards, with the purpose of contributing to the levels of availability, reliability , maintainability of assets in operation.

Technical inspection and technical audit of transport by underground tunnels

We have extensive experience in the development, coordination, review, analysis of work documentation. Control of plans, technical specifications, current regulations and requirements for work procedures on tunnel transport issues


Studies of personnel transport to mining sites

The transfer of workers to and within the works involves aspects of logistics, viability of the operation, security, as well as the well-being of their staff, so that they can properly perform their tasks.

Shovel / truck simulation in mining sector

We have the ultimate softwares for the simulation of processes and operations

Conceptual, basic and detail engineering, subway transport

We have the expertise of recognized professionals for the development and achievement of projects in stages of profile, prefeasibility, feasibility and detail, in transport issues especially metro and railways

Contract Management

We support companies in the management of their cargo, material and passenger transport contracts, maximizing and profiting their contracts

Purchase Management

We manage purchases nationally and internationally, spot type and in agreement. We have expert personnel in bidding, activation and engineering of materials. In addition to reportability systems tailored to each business and client.

Subway and rail project technical review

Contamos con reconocidos profesionales en temas de revisiones técnicas de proyectos para transporte Metro y Ferrocarriles. Y las plataformas colaborativas que permiten al mandante contar con la información al día OnTime On Touch.

Administration and management of transport, rail, subway, cargo and passenger projects

We manage your projects efficiently, with special care in terms, costs and quality and above all in terms of safety of people and the environment.

Operational risk management. HAZOP

Internationally recognized experts in risk management issues. We have held Hazop workshops since 1998

Economic evaluation by real options and risk analysis

Extensive experience in the use of one of the most modern and accurate economic evaluation methodologies for your transportation projects.