Metaproject Group adds one more link to its value chain


MANVIER LTDA. Leading service company of the Metaproject Group, began its Operation Service in ENAP REFINERIAS Wineries. The facilities are located in the communes of Concón (Valparaíso region) and Hualpén (Biobío region), these correspond to a set of warehouses for the protection of the products purchased for their operational processes, comprising the physical and administrative structures for the reception, storage and dispatch of materials, including warehouses as such, patios, offices and access roads in each of the locations.

The service awarded by MANVIER includes all the activities required to ensure the operation of the warehouses, both physically and systemically (SAP), in accordance with the regulations, policies and procedures of each of the business units of refineries.

MANVIER’s commitment is to optimize warehouse operation processes, in permanent cooperation with ENAP, safeguarding above all the safety of people, the environment, materials and facilities.

Given the importance of this double start-up, it was decided that the teams would be led by Dominique Viera Vice President of Operations and Michael Mella Services Manager. Dominique highlighted two important points of this process, first the coordinated work of the teams that were formed to carry out this start-up in just 2 business days, because – “they notified us on Wednesday afternoon of the award and already the Monday we were operating with the contracted personnel, the cranes, trucks and necessary equipment in service ”. And secondly, the incorporation of a woman as administrator of the contract in Biobío, since, in the words of Dominique – “being faithful to our philosophy of inclusion, a professional who met the technical characteristics and was given the opportunity to assume this responsibility he knows ENAP and the work in the winery ”. For his part, Michael highlighted that – “the awarding of this service allows us to integrate one more link within the robust value and supply chain that the Metaproject group, through its different companies, delivers in the areas of supply and logistics to the mining, petrochemical and infrastructure sectors”.

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