METAPROJECT, as part of its expansion strategy, starts a new Supply Activation service for ENAP Refinerías S.A. and ENAP Magallanes.

We started 2020 with great news for our organization, since we started the operations of a new service in our supply and logistics area. The service called “Purchase Order Activation and Monitoring Service for the ENAP group of companies”, which includes ENAP Refinerías S.A., ENAP Magallanes, SIPETROL and the Storage and Pipeline department. The objective of the service is to ensure and increase the level of compliance of ENAP suppliers, in terms of delivery times, technical, commercial, general and particular conditions, both for national and foreign suppliers, for the areas of:
1. Activation of National and International Purchase Orders.
2. Information Availability: Maintain the history and traceability of the activation with access to the collaborative platforms developed by Metaproject and the SAP System.
3. Follow up on the products received: Verify the reception of the products in the ENAP warehouses, in due time and form.
This service seeks to provide the best logistics and supply practices developed by Metaproject through its experience in the mining and industrial sector, especially in recent years with highly demanding contracts such as Codelco casa Matriz and Angloamerican Los Bronces.
In this regard, the service management headed by Michael Mella expressed – “We are very happy and grateful for this beginning of 2020, both for the clients and for the professionals who accompany us, because thanks to them the market calls us and chooses to add value to new groups of companies ”. –