Metaproject has started the Supply Management Support Service for Codelco

A great teamwork and coordination of the Commercial and Services Managements of Metaproject, allowed starting and continuity to the Service of Support to the Supply Management of Operation Modules of Agreements and the one of Purchases for Codelco Chile. This separate service in 2 modules supports the supply divisions of Andina, El Teniente, Ventanas, Salvador, Chuquicamata, Radomiro Tomic, Minister Hales and Gabriela Mistral.

Dominique Viera commercial manager of Metaproject and responsible for the department of proposals and tenders that was awarded the service, highlighted the successful continuity plan developed that allowed to maintain the operation and transfer of the contract thanks to the coordinated work of the entire organization. Likewise, Michael nick services manager emphasized the development of a computer and communications platform together with a reportability system that allows a high value to be added to the business. The Codelco service lasts for three years and joins Angloamerican Los Bronces’ backoffice operations and the minor purchasing service for the different ENAP divisions. All these operations are carried out from our Corporate Building in the municipality of Providencia in Santiago

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