Metaproject participates in the creation of the first Chilean Mining Chamber

Our country will be part of a South American and worldwide network of specialty cameras.

A historic moment was experienced this April 9, with the formation of the Chilean Mining Chamber, the body was created by businessmen, executives of mining companies, academics, professionals and various actors in the mining area.

The spirit that brings these men and women together is to be a leader in technical, economic and financial issues, supporting the development and promotion of mining as a whole. For this, a pleasant environment is created to do business and support investors in Chile, in addition to being a consultative agent for the authorities of the Ministry of Mining and the Houses of Deputies and the Senate. This Chamber will be part of a network of homonymous organizations in Latin America and the world.

With the presence of the notary public, attorney Mrs. Antonieta Mendoza, the advisory lawyer of the chamber Mr. Jose Luis López and a hundred of founding members, on the occasion the board of directors made up of 15 members was chosen.

  1. Angela Kalergis
  2. Christian Contador
  3. David Alaluf
  4. Dominique Viera
  5. Fernando Silva
  6. Guillermo Coloma
  7. Juan José Latorre
  8. Luigi Pisani
  9. Mario Rivera
  10. Manuel Viera
  11. Patricio Cartagena
  12. Patricio Concha
  13. Raul Dagnino
  14. Susan Levis
  15. Tamara Sepúlveda

The Board of Directors was made up of: Manuel Viera Flores, President; Fernando Silva, Vice President; Susan Levis, Secretary and Raúl Dagnino as Treasurer. All of them with vast experience in mining and in the academic and business world.


Luigi Pisani; Christian Contador; Tamara Sepúlveda; Guillermo Coloma; Dominique Viera; Angela Kalergis; Patricio Concha; Juan José Latorre; Mario Rivera; David Alaluf; Patricio Cartagena. In the couch: Raul Dagnino, Treasurer; Manuel Viera, President; Susan Levis, Secretary; Fernando Silva Vicepresident.

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