Metaproject starts an important Technical Inspection service in the railway sector for FESUR, a company for the Passenger Rail Transport, infrastructure and rail traffic from Chillán to the South of Chile.

Once again, we started a service in record time, both in the administrative-legal and health and safety aspects of our personnel, considering the current pandemic situation. The management of services together with our support areas, enabled the offices of the Technical Inspection in the Biobío region and delivered the equipment to the new personnel who join our company.

This service corresponds to the technical inspection of the Catenary Infrastructure Standardization works in the Laja-Hualqui sector, which considers the supervision of the execution of the works within the established program, the control of budgeted and offered costs and compliance of the security measures required by the catenary change works and the strengthening of the support system in all its extension.

The standardization project that we are to supervise is part of the railway development plan “Chile on rails”, which contemplates an investment of more than 5 billion dollars until 2027.

The overhead power cables that transmit electrical energy to the locomotives are called catenary.