To the Conquest of Astromining. II International Webinar

The conquest of Astromineria was the theme of the II International Webinar, which was sponsored by the Chilean Ministry of Mining, the Chilean Mining Chamber, the Ecuadorian Mining Chamber of Mining, the Association of Consulting Engineers of Chile (AIC), the Polish-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and the organization of Metaproject Engineering and Innovation Co.

With more than 300 attendees through Zoom, Facebook live, linkedin and youtube platforms, we were able to share the experience of great exhibitors such as the President of the Chilean Mining Chamber and CEO of Metaproject, Manuel Viera; the lawyer Gastón Fernández, expert in mining history; the President of the Chilean Space Association, (Achide) , Héctor Gutiérrez; the Vice President of the entity Loreto Moraga and the lawyer Isidora Casas del Valle; as well as the intervention of the President of the Ecuadorian Chilean Mining Chamber, Giovanni Andrade.

Among the topics covered, the need for an astromining policy and an institutional framework for space studies was discussed. Manuel Viera expressed his interest in universities accepting the challenge of modernizing their curricula by incorporating space mining, creating broad agreements with international observatories, private companies, the ministries of Mining, Energy, Sciences and the Environment and the Chilean Mining Chamber , in order to have a space studies and astromining unit. In addition to having a cooperation agreement between countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, China and Luxembourg, to incorporate our country in the investigations and investments that are being carried out in this regard.

Héctor Gutiérrez, President of the Chilean Space Association, Achide, highlighted the importance of our country having a Space agency and updating the 2014-2020 National Space Policy. For Achide, the recent development of space technology, the new space actors and the current industrial revolution, require new laws and regulatory systems to deal with Outer Space. Space mining is attracting the attention and interest of large international actors, so Chile and Latin American countries should rush to participate and collaborate with new space trends, proposing national regulatory frameworks and inciting regional participation in this matter.

This Webinar lasted for just over 2 hours, due to the interest of the participants from countries such as Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Uruguay, Chile and Spain who were able to express their queries and concerns to the panelists, both in mining, spatial and legal aspects. The meeting was closed by the President of the Chilean Mining Chamber, Manuel Viera, thanking the sponsorship of the Ministry of Mining and committed to the Chilean Space Association, Achide, to continue working in this area.